Sunday, 27 December 2009

Seasons Characters

Typogateaux 09, unfortunately I didn't win but I sure ate a lot of cake. My entry was the 'Typo-tree', if you could guess the typeface you could take the cake.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Enterprise & Innovation: Statements

Proposed Proposition Statements:
10 Statements that identify your ‘positioning’ as a Graphic Designer

1. As a person I pursue the idea to sell, and seek to produce for a consumer society and the idea of buying into a brand.

2. I have a keen interest in craft & attention to detail, through my application of typography and layout design, and have a personal appreciation of tactile graphic design.

3. Having grown up within a consumer society I have both a personal and professional interest in retail graphics and designing for retail.

4. Identity design comes in partnership with design for retail to which I feel I have a strong sense for building brands that meet consumer needs.

5. As a person I am inclined to operate locally but with a higher demand in capitals especially for fashion, operating nationally with a large retail sector in london, or internationally, would be something to consider.

6. Through personal selling by use of business cards and visitation, a potential use of internet by means of a continually updated blog and current website and also selling through public relations using reference of my blog again aswell as getting involved in local projects such as selling products and offering my services given my area of retail graphics as an interest.

7. I would like to work as part of a design team to gain useful knowledge and contacts to later become freelance and seek to set up own professional practice in selling printed media and brand myself an identity.

8. Design groups such as that of Gratterpalm are inspiring who's ideas are solely about creating graphics for the retail sector and boosting sales, working with a variety of international and unlike that of gratterpalm produce promotion for local retailers. The design Group attik also seeks to offer graphics for a consumer society who's practice in design is much more ethically and socially driven.

9. I feel I keep up-to date with trends using magazines such a Viewpoint to seek the new, the principle of 'turnover' in retail. This can be a huge benefit when it comes to determining footfall and patterns of customer behavior.

10. As a part of my on going development I intend to produce not only a portfolio, but engage with design in general by getting myself involved and as recently i have begun taking initiative to sell product in local spots and visiting galleries.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Something on the Side.

Ian Prentice and Tim Wan I think have truly captured christmas in the studio with a pack of festive postcards they have printed, designed by several of us in the studio and organised and screen printed by Tim and Ian. They look lovely and will be available for purchase this sunday and the Brudenell craft fair. Look, Mines there.