Monday, 18 January 2010

Design CV

Sample CV's from various designers. In particular I appreciate a good typographic layout that isn't uneccessarily complicated, I also love info-graphics.
Progress tutorial preparation

Strengths that you have developed during level 5

my time management is absolute
developing much more of an understanding of professional practice by using one of the briefs to practice design on a real-time level, engaging well with enterprise and innovation.
understanding much more about what i like in design. engagement in the blog, visiting exhibitons, being creative etc
Creating working development sheets
presenting skills, including preparation and delivery.
Critical studies is up to date

Weaknesses that you have developed during level 5

be more focused on given briefs and don't loose track of what the outcome of the brief actually is
lateness was a factor into the early parts of the year but is improving

Issues that you want to discuss with regards to your current progress

ougd201 regarding feedback and overall outcome.

Action Plan:
Continue to maintain getting on time to college.
ppd - get up-to date with finding placements and cv

Friday, 15 January 2010

Printing with Love.

With the first samples of my Valentines cards completed, the next stage is production. The screen came out quite nicely but with some areas having imperfections, this in-fact creates a very hand-crafted feel to the design and a sense of uniqueness which has turned out nicely. I've decided to thicken up the ink so it is more opaque, the first samples I produced were incredibly hazy. I've also got down to ordering my envelopes and the cello bags from World of Envelopes, they seem like a good company and should be delivered by monday. Oh and someone insisted that they take my picture whilst I was printing.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

For the Love.

For Valentines day I have been proposing producing some cards. Here they are, well the designs anyway. To be screen printed onto square shaped cards about A6 square, the cards have a running theme, perhaps not conventional but would appeal to a niche audience whom take valentines in a more humorous sense, the theme of 'Multiple Loves'.