Friday, 30 April 2010

Hugo Boss: Something Illustrative

The BOSS Orange casualwear line embodies the urban lifestyle of the world’s great cities and uniquely captures today’s vibe. An open brief has been proposed The challenge to express the modern, global outlook in their design idea, the one that best succeeds in capturing this spirit. The winning talent will be invited to visit HUGO BOSS in Metzingen, Germany, to meet Eyan Allen and spend a day designing with the BOSS Orange Creative Team. The finished T-shirt will feature as a special edition in the BOSS Orange 2011 Spring/Summer Collection.
Centering around the creation of an authentic and distinctive I created an illustration for the summer, something distinctly summer and associated with the modern life-style. Besides who doesn't love ice-creams?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Personal Academic CV

Updated PPD Portfolio

*Fedrigoni YCN Brief Added.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Module Evaluation

OUCE255: Enterprise & Innovation:
Short Module Evaluation

By far this module has brought to light a realism of the design process, working within the real world beyond the studio. Setting up a business within the current climate is particularly difficult and off-putting, but with what has been taught within the seminars and lectures that anything in business is possible with the right planning and detailing.
Each lecture developed well, allowing myself an understadning how to build a business from the initial idea. Then using the subsequent lecture material and guides to targeting specific areas I was able to focus and complete different tasks to produce an effective strategy to enter the world of business.
Although I felt strongly at times the lecture material was irrelevant I gained an understanding through talking about what I wanted from the module to Bridget, this cleared the air on what the module was focussing on, and communication through emails and through the seminars helped aid my development and ambition. This would have helped earlier on and I feel I could have done a few things differently that would have made the module easier for myself. for instance I have never truly considered the benefits of a collaborative practice, more importantly what I would like from a creative partner especially in business. I would like to continue my efforts into finding out what a partnership business could do for myself and my proposed business.
I also feel that there was not enough emphasis directed on Enterprise & Innovation module and the relevance to our individual practice and what was wanted to get out of our degree course on an individual basis. Business it seems doesnt do well with many companys are offering the same thing, what I felt was taught that we were all heading for the same point, opening up a Graphic Design agency and nothing more. What I got out of the experience I feel was something else, not just going into enterprise with Graphic Design, but with a whole range of businesses associated with design.
Overall I feel that this module has definitly aided my development and I am looking forward to setting up my small business within the not too distant future.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Business Plan & Presentation

Good Ink: Presentation Slides

Having proposed and presented my business to my fellow peers and Bridget I feel confident in my business proposal was successful. The presentation was structured in such a way that it allowed me do discuss in great detail how my business would function, and although I am a particularly nervous speaker I feel I was able to deliver a concise and informed business idea, I did go slightly over on time but I tried to deliver as much information as possible. The slide breakdown is as follows:
01. Business Name/Product
02. Mission Statement/What does the business do?
03. Who are my customers/Segmentation Analysis
04. Competitor 1/SWOT Analysis
05. Competitor 2/SWOT Analysis
06. Competitor 3/SWOT Analysis
07. My product/Unique selling points
08. Promotional Method 1
09. Promotional Method 2
10. Promotional Method 3
11. Resources Needed/Outline of Initial costs
12. What happens next?/Impact slide


Good Ink: Prepared Business Plan

Monday, 19 April 2010

Module Evaluation

OUGD204: Design Communication Through Type Elective
Short Module Evaluation

In short the module has influenced my practice in a good way. The plan of work has allowed me to grasp type right from the single character to a full-page document and was planned in such a way that it allowed it to grow. There have been many aspects of typography I found that I have never considered before. Type characteristics and the personification of type is something that seems basic but I have found to be an integral part of the type selection process and was pleased this was introduced early on. This has influenced my practice greatly and consequent briefs; taking more time out to consider the associations with typefaces is something I will take forward.
What has been questioning my practice is the way I work with layouts and again the personalities and the impression such a layout personifies. I feel I can confidently layout large quantities of information in an aesthetic manner but with what was introduced I feel I can do it with intent and where the design has purpose and hierarchy.
From here I would like to continue working with typography but go back to the individual characters and work on the personification of type in a more illustrative way. What interests myself most within typography and what I will continue to look at is the application of print processes, which was only briefly touched upon. Using type journal I was however able to document in particular the use of foil blocking as well as embossing and application of colour. Although the module has taught and influenced my practice, what it lacked was its application into situations and briefs; the personal CV leading to a business card etc, was a good way of understanding how it relates to our practice and something I could actually take away from the module as a physical piece.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

You've got mail.

Making up the portfolio is only half of the current task in hand, I am also looking to send it to someone and this can have the biggest impact on how it is recieved. What kind of language to use, formal/informal or that meet between? How do I phrase 'look at my portfolio' without saying it, what language and what am I actually looking to get out of this contact?

Some listed agencies and designers:

+ B&W Studio
+ Studio on Fire
+ Aloof
+ Jordan Grey creative
+ Sea
+ Team Impression
+ Curious
+ Wink
+ Elmwood
+ John Banks
+ Design project
+ K2 (screen printers)