Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Creative Spark: Day 7

Today I started the day finishing off the poster designs for "Simple" for the Royal afternoon tea. After yesterday suggesting how the range of the brief could be extended onto further decorative elements in the bar he decided to take on my proposal and asked me to produce some DL menu inserts. This I felt was much more creative and really embellishing a patriotic look without being cheesy and giving it an element of desirability.

I was then asked to have a look at some of the other material in the bar, this time looking at some generic exterior boards and simple things like the opening times of the bar for some poster designs. I felt I was being trusted much more to take control of my solutions and offering not just a solution but questioning exactly what needs to be addressed and proposing interesting solutions that go beyond expectations, especially of a student on placement.

I was today asked if I wanted to extend my placement, my attitude, style, research and quality of work was commended and After the efforts I put in today I today was asked to return next week to continue my placement. Unfortunately I had to decline because of my degree but I suggested that the summer would be most practical for time. I'll be coming back tomorrow with some dates to get this arranged asap.

Mike who works as a senior designer also suggested a useful website for freelance work and is going to give me a contact numbers of several agencies in Leeds I can call for a recommended placement opportunity.

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